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About Cenzone

Cenzone Tech Inc.was established in 1991. With headquarters nestled in the beautiful hills of northern San Diego, California, USA, Cenzone produces, mixes, packages, and ships our own or custom-made products to over 50 countries.

By utilizing our extensive background in animal science, microbiology and immunology, we have developed products that not only help to boost animal health, but also enhanced performance.
Cenzone’s products are always crafted from only the finest all-natural ingredients selected to suit the needs of your animals.

The key to Cenzone’s all-natural approach lies in our use of probiotics and prebiotics.

In the year 2000, Cenzone’ Yeasture-W was the first product from the US to be approved by the European Union to be distributed as a high-performance feed additive for cattle, swine and poultry.

Our Mission

After over 26 years, the philosophy that Cenzone was founded on has remained the same.
The company’s goal is to make farming more profitable and to keep meat, eggs and milk free of hormones and antibiotics. Cenzone’s line of animal feed additives is directed towards this goal.
We cater directly to the customers, and each product is expressly formulated to target the needs of animals. Cenzone offers a comprehensive range of products to all sectors of the animal feed industry.

All of our products are specifically developed and formulated to optimize animal health and productivity as well as to enhance the profitability of your operations.