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The First Choice of Natural Acidifier

Feed grade ACID-WAY contains buffered and short-chain organic acids and electrolytes. It is fortified with digestive enzymes and micro-encapsulated beneficial microorganisms. The rate of use is only 1 kilogram per ton of complete feed.

Buffered Acids

The buffering effects of ACID-WAY’s organic acids helps maintain the desired pH range in the animal’s digestive tract.  The pH balance provides an environment for optimal enzyme activities. Cenzone’s organic acids are more effective than the straight inorganic acids.

Short-Chain Acids

ACID-WAY’s short-chain organic acids can release hydrogen ions faster to lower pH.

ACID-WAY prevents post-weaning digestive disorders, such as diarrhea, by inhibiting the growth of pathogens (E. coli and Salmonella) and increases feed efficiency.

ACID-WAY provides the enzymes young animals often lack and aids in the pre-digestion of raw feed nutrients.