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The Most Bioavailable and Potent Selenium Yeast

  • Contains microencapsulated selenium
  • Low dust and reduced respiratory hazard
  • Safest source of selenium

Better Absorbed — Better Retained — Better Utilized

Benefits of CEN-SE that we have observed


CEN-SE improves meat quality and reproduction potential:
3-4 extra chicks per hen through productive life of breeders due to improved hatchability and livability of their chicks.


Low drip loss after slaughter:
Meat has strong red color and is tender and chewy with a pleasant juiciness, has better flavor and is lower in fat.

Dairy and Beef Cattle:

Improves udder health, reduces mastitis and lowers somatic cell count. Reduces calf mortality and the incidence of retained placenta.

The selenium from CEN-SE’s predominantly L(+) Selenomethionine is the same form of selenium that occurs naturally in grains and grasses.