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The Proven and Dependable Full-Spectrum Digestive Enzyme Blend

CENZYME is a heat-stable dry enzyme blend. This is of particular importance, given the more aggressive feed processing conditions used today in many animal feed mills.

CENZYME is a full-spectrum, highly concentrated blend of a comprehensive range of microbial-based digestive enzymes. Feed digestion is the key to successful animal performance.

CENZYME’s unique proprietary formula of enzyme blends provides supplementary feed enzymes which help to degrade some of the main anti-nutritional factors (e.g. phytates and non-starch polysaccharides) present in animal feeds.

CENZYME improves digestion and nutrient absorption, enhances performance and provides proven economic and environmental benefits.

CENZYME can often help to compensate for the animal’s poor diet. The effectiveness of CENZYME can be easily proven by observing a reduction of undigested grains present in the feces.

CENZYME contains the following high potency multiple digestive enzymes to enhance feed digestion, maximize feed utilization and reduce animal waste:

Amylase — Protease — Cellulase — Lipase — Pectinase — Xylanase — Beta-Glucanase — Phytase

Beta-Glucanase is excluded in corn/soy based feeds. Phytase is excluded in ruminant diets.